Friday, July 07, 2017

Dear Followers, Friends, and Supporters of Life Choices and Real Options,

I have prayerfully made a decision to resign from the Executive Director position.

This is not a bad thing. The Lord has used me to bring this ministry to a very good place. As I have been spending time with the Lord in the past months, I recognize my time with Life Choices is coming to an end.

And more than anything else I want to be obedient to His calling on my life. I’m excited for what the Lord has for Life Choices as He prepares the new Executive Director who will lead this ministry to the next level.

I will be moving to Sacramento California sometime in September.  I don’t know anyone there but the Lord has been giving me a love for that city. As you know my only daughter moved to the Bay area last December and being closer to her will be a huge blessing.

I want to share a bit of my testimony and what I’ve been experiencing.

As some of you may know when I was a teenager I had two abortions. When I came to work for this ministry almost 3 years ago, I was encouraged by my great friend Sandy Brunner to take the surrendering the secret class, which I said sure!

I thought… the Lord has already forgiven me and I’m okay with my past abortions. Little did I know what the Lord was going to do in that class. The Lord took me to a place of forgiving myself, to truly acknowledge what I had done and that I had taken the lives of two babies.

I finally was able to see my two children as “children” “my children”. Before I just kept them at a distance, I knew they were safe, happy and in heaven. I cried many tears during the class and after the class and still the Lord continues to heal me and I still have many tears that I shed over my babies.

One area that I had never understood was why I could not love my only living daughter, Celeste, the way other mothers love their children. But I finally understood that due to my decision of my abortions in the past, it had damaged my ability to love my daughter (the way God intended) when she was born and as she was growing up, the enemy had lied to me that I did not deserve to love this child who I decided to give birth to.  

This past mother’s day, the Lord gave me a new level of love for Celeste. The kind of love that can only be restored by Jesus!

Finally, I can love Celeste the way the Lord intended for it to be from the beginning!!! Nothing is too difficult for the Lord to heal if only we allow Him to do the work in our lives. For me it’s my abortion in my past, for you it may be something else. Although having to go to the next level of healing has been difficult and emotionally painful, I never want the Lord to stop working in my life.

I want the Lord to use me while I’m here on this earth, and I know that as we allow Him to heal us, it’s only to take us to a better place with Him! I’m thankful that the Lord brought me to Life Choices. I have gotten to know many new sisters & brothers in the Lord.

I will say, I have had many challenges while in this ministry, as the enemy would like to see our ministry closed down. I had many lonely moments and times where I could not see any fruit. Yet, the Lord would always assure me, I’m with you, this is my ministry, I love those women and babies more then you could ever imagine!

During those times, (times in the desert) that’s when you either hold on to Jesus or you run away. I decided to stay very close to Him, and He has taught me that with Him all things are possible, He has a purpose for everything!

Here is what to expect in the following months:

By the middle of July we will be posting the position for people to begin to apply.

If you know someone who the Lord may be calling to this ministry let them know. Once we hire the next director, I will train them and spend plenty of time with them so they feel comfortable in their new position. We are planning on having our Food Booth at the Chelan County Fair which I will be part of.

We are planning a fundraiser for those who support our ministry around the beginning/middle of September and I will be introducing the new director at that time. I’m excited for what the Lord has for Life Choices. Please keep us in your prayers as we transition into this new chapter.

Thank you to each one of you!

Being part of Life Choices has been one of the greatest blessings in my life!

I bless you with all that the Lord has for you!

Irene Bazan